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"to have, to hold" 2014


"to have, to hold" 2014


Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 


this was a while ago now but we found a lake and flowers in the bushes and it was so pretty

torrabbit replied to your post: “i blue myself”:

your boobs look so nice wow also your hair is RAD you just blue me away

god bless u tori 😘😘😘


ohmygodwhatever-etc replied to your post: “i blue myself”:

Tara I love it, I’ll cry. also A+ on ur tumblr clevage, like congrats.

AHH thank u Emil 😚 also do you know how long it’s taken for me to even have cleavage??? late bloomers club is all I’m sayin…

i blue myself

torrabbit said: 20, 33, 52! tell me your secrets

20. what is your favorite song at the moment?

oh god that’s always so hard for me to answer bc it changes all the time but I listened to Holes by Electric Guest like 5 times today so I’ll go with that

33. something you want to learn

I’ve been meaning to learn Illustrator for FOREVER but I’m just so comfortable with Photoshop it’s hard to transition…

52. something I’m talented at

I’m really good at making meals out of very little!!! I’ll have hardly anything in my pantry/fridge and still come up with somethin!!

toothlessromantic said: 60. what are you even doing?

my best